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Hints for people that are attempting to operate a household and are not on the grid:

Get a fork lift battery! Try calling places that sell used fork lifts. The 12 volt batteries that run fork lifts are the best! Many of these old  batteries are discarded because they can no longer operate a fork lift for a full 8 hour work day but they still have enough operational life to run your household for many decades. Many can be bought at recycling  prices and still have 100 times more amperage than a brand new bank of  automotive type batteries that will only last for 2 or 3 years.

Lifespan of battery types while engaged in demanding alternative energy use:

Cheapest bargain store bought automotive battery - 6 to 8 months life before it goes to the junk heap.

Professional heavy duty battery car T105 battery - 2 to 3 years life before it goes to the junk heap.

Professional battery store bought Leasure-110ah battery - 4 to 7 years life before it goes to the junk heap.

Industrial bought Fork Lift battery - The one I own is 31 years old now, I will  let you all know when it finally dies. ask your local forklift yard, to see what they have, ex hire battery‚Ä™s are for sale 2 to 3 yrs old,

Customer Comments: "My fork lift battery has been powering our home for 27 years now and still charging strong!

I feel sorry for the people using car or lorry battery‪s as they are only for starting, and not for deep cycle, that is a great way to go if your goal is to

create a mountain of useless lead within your life time or run out of power in the middle of dinner. and dead lead acid battery, are a real pain to get rid of.

This is the best advice you are ever going to get and it is your funeral if you do not listen!

Our 12 volt /240 AC inverters can run for weeks at a time on our monster sized fork lift battery."

one last thing, allways connect your battery with equal size and lenth wired, connectors,

and never put battery‚Ä™s on concrete floors, if you have to put on floor, use insulation, and marine playwood, to lay them on, or make a wood box  1/3 playwood is good,

and if you put in cellar, make sure you vent them,

Buy the best, and it will last the longest,


Three Phase Power Transmission? Why Would You Use It?
Hear The Other Side Of The Story.

A. Wire Breakage
I would NOT recommend the 3 phase method since you will have 3 small wires twisting in the pole and this is going to cause an electrical failure sooner or later.
The way we install our systems using just  one LARGE welding wire for the positive power going down the pole has enjoyed a 100% success rate! It is very durable.

B. Slowing Rust & Corrosion
Another great unseen benefit for using the pole as the ground wire is that this STOPS rust by effectively ending electrolysis!!!
Negative ground DC systems are extremely effective at slowing the oxidation of metal also known as "Rust & Corrosion"

Breaking the AC/DC Long Distance Power Transmission Myth-
A Higher Voltage has much more to do with long distance power transmission over any of the AC / DC power arguments.

FACT: 48 Volts of DC power will have demonstrable less "Line Losses" levels when compared to say, 12 volts of AC power! Why?

Ultimately it is actually higher voltage that moves amperage in a wire since VOLTAGE = PRESSURE in electronic terms.
So if you need to run a power line 300 feet or more then you should  seriously consider a 48 volt battery and power inverter system!

So why do power companies use AC power for long distances? Using 50,000  Volts DC would be ineffective since they are not trying to charge a  battery.
AC power is easy to re-convert within any coil transformer.  The important part is that they are using HIGH VOLTAGE and that is the  real key here.

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