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Heavy duty peak volts relay don’t waste duty cycles on your battery

This relay will only dump excess volts

Can be used on all wind turbines that charge battery’s

A dual purpose relay 2 relays built onto one board

30amp 12v sensing relay

and 70 amp dumping can be used with water heaters

Zero amp draw when monitoring

The dump load relay can be used to dump voltage of 12/24/36/48v on the battery as you wire 1 of + positive wires from the 70 amp relay to the battery +positive , the 2nd + positive wire goes to the water heater + and you take the - negative directly from the battery to the load- on the water heater

you don’t have to use water heater to dump, use other items such as

heavy duty lights, air heaters or what ever DC tool you have as long as it will take a good load off the battery’s

will not flatten the battery that you are dumping from as the peak volts is  set to dump at 13.2 volts on and off at 12.5 v (can be adjusted)

Heavy duty relay’s for continues use

designed by myself to protect that battery from over charge and not to kill the volts by taking it too low

Easy to fit, comes with simple to follow instructions

Made in the UK

Prgrammable dump regulator, 12 to 72 volts, fitted with a 48v 40 amp solenoid relay, larger solenoid relays can be fitted

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