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This meter is a RARE find with heavy 10 Gauge silicon wire!Custom Made For The Wind Industry.All other meters in the 130 AMP class only have 12G wiresand those can get VERY HOT when used on 12 and 24 volt systems!Make very sure that you buy the only meter on the marketmade with heavy 10 Gauge wires. Buy ours or be sorry.  Works on all 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 Volt SystemsGreat for battery charging analysis (Not for use on batteryless grid ties)
This all range Amp / Watt meter is also a powerful data logger that keeps track of AH Wh Vh Vm, load time and more. It also works on all systems including all 4 to 60 volt systems with a full voltage range up to 60 volts. It can also handle 130 amps surge and operate at 100 amps continuous. Works on all wind turbines, solar panels and hydro systems up to 60 volt DC input. It can also work on AC three phase systems after the rectifier.
Also measures accumulated Amp Hours, Watt hours, Volt minutes and Watt production. Truly amazing to have so many features packed into this small meter.See Thermodyne's 130 Amp DC Watt Meter in action now!
Handles 4 to 60 volts. Works on 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt battery bank systems.
Extremely low power consumption of 7 mA. More efficient than any LED meter.
Digital LCD screen gives clear crisp number readings.
Handles up to 130 amps intermittently and 100 amps continuous duty (48 Volts)
Microprocessor controlled produces extremely precise and accurate readings.Simply attach the four wires coming out of the all in one power meter and it is ready to use.


Voltage 4 / 60 volts 0.01 volts -

Current 0-130 Amps / 0.01 Amps / 100 Amps continuous duty. 130 Amps intermittent duty.

 Charge 0-65 Amp hours 0.001 Amp hours.

 Power 0-6554 Watts 0.1 Watts.

 Energy 0-6554 KiloWattHours 0.1 kWh.


We also have 150a power meters in stock

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