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Wind turbine safety advice

If you buy a wind turbine of any make and size you need to look after it.

Here are some use full tips,

1: make wind turbine tower strong and I mean strong, when high winds start its like a car towing the tower! weak tower will fold in high winds

2: Use guy wires as high as possible, and not to foul the blades, but to keep tower under tension from all the guy wire fitted, 3 or 4 is good, and make sure they are secured to solid ground, use turnbuckle to tension guy cable.

3: good idea to make tower fold down or use a wind up sectional mast.

4: Turbine, fit check all bolts, make sure every thing is secured, grease  swivel point and check turbine turns free, furling tail needs to be tight with no lift, and has side movement,

Furling tail sections protect the wind turbine from extreme winds; this avoids burn out of the PMA, AND IF YOU HAVE FITTED FUSE THEN YOUR PROTECTED

4: wiring, use multi strand copper battery cable 8 or 10 awg for DC out and if 3 phase then use at least 3 core multi strand 6mm, from 3 phase rectifier to battery 8 awg cable is needed.

5: protect wind turbine and wiring with suitable fuse, start low on first install, then fit recomended, I use glass fuse with gold plaited cap ends, like they use on car amps,

RCD breaker switch works well and a battery isolattor,

Also use breaker and isolator switch, Earth the steel tower section to copper ground rod 3ft into ground, protects turbine from lightning strikes.

All wiring should be crimped and not soldered, put some petroleum jelly on connector and then use heat shrink to seal,

6: if battery charging, then a dump load relay is a must

this device connects to battery and NOT THE WIND TURBINE

dump load relay monitors your battery volt level, when volts rise then the relay turns on, you have to use with your relay a,

water heater or air heater or use lights, any things that uses DC power, to obsorb the excess power, 150watt 12v air heaters are only 20.00

A dump load relay does not drain the battery, it keeps power

in the battery at a safe level, 12.6 volts battery is fully charged

12.4 battery is low, dumo relay can be ajusted and are usually set at 13.2 volts.

If in doubt then call me or email me.


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